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6 Aug 2021

Early Implementation of NQSW Supported Year in Scotland

Early Implementation of NQSW Supported Year in Scotland

Moving into the next phase 

We are moving into the next exciting stage of the national work to support NQSWs and their employers in Scotland. This phase of the project is focused on supporting a small-scale early implementation of the agreed NQSW Supported Year and core elements with identified employers across a range of settings.  

Employers were asked to apply for a grant which they could utilise in a flexible way to meet responsibilities and embed the core elements of the NQSW Supported Year within local arrangements and systems. The funding is intended to enhance not replace employers current staff development funding and activities.    

The SSSC will support the early implementation areas individually and collectively.  The early implementation phase includes employers from a range of geographical areas and settings.  

Sharing learning and collaborating for change 

There is an expectation that the learning and resources will be shared with the wider sector on a regular basis throughout the phase and the NQSW website will be central to this dissemination.  The early implementation will also inform any further refinement of the approach and the final recommendations to be submitted to the Scottish Government in March 2022.     

Keeping you informed 

We will be keeping you up to date on the early implementation work through regular news posts on this website. You can also find out how the work is progressing in our dedicated early implementation space on this website.

We will be holding information sessions for anyone interested in the work later this year and will post dates and details soon.  

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