How do I meet my registration requirements?   

Within the first 12 months of registration, or 18 months if you work part-time, as a newly qualified social worker (NQSW) you are required to undertake 24 days (144 hrs) training and learning.

At least five days (30 hours) of this activity should focus on working effectively with colleagues and other professionals to identify, assess and manage risk to vulnerable groups. This is to ensure they can meet their primary responsibility of protecting children and adults from harm regardless of setting.

You can achieve this in several different ways including formal and informal learning. It is important to achieve a balance between formal learning, work experience, shadowing, research, self-directed learning, supervision and experiential learning when evidencing the stated requirements.

Learning and development activities might include: 

  • induction activities, shadowing colleagues, team meetings, supervision 
  • completing specific formal and informal training courses  
  • professional discussions with colleagues, other professionals and people who use services 
  • self-directed learning including reading, independent study, online research/study 
  • experiential, action or enquiry-based learning 
  • leading or engaging in practitioner enquiry/action research. 

When recording your learning reflect on the impact of your learning experience.

Think about how it has helped to consolidate your social work knowledge, skills and values, including managing any ethical dilemmas and use of self.

This is how you will most effectively demonstrate the requirements and provide a useful record of your progress during the NQSW period to refer to later. 

Have a look at some of the resources to help you evidence how social workers learn in the workplace.

How do I record my training and learning?  

Before you start to record your CPL please read the Guidance for NQSW on consolidating and continuing to develop their social work knowledge, skills and values and the guidance on how to add a MyLearning journal or OpenBadges to your Record of Achievement declaration form.

You can record your learning directly onto the NQSW Record of Achievement form, use the MyLearning app or a combination of the two. Have a look at this example of a completed Record of achievement declaration form.

We will write to you at the end of the first 12 or 18 month period to ask you to submit your form. 

We recommend that you record your learning as you go along rather than waiting to the end, this will make it more authentic to your learning journey.

If you have any further questions about your CPL please use the web form on our Contact us page.

We’re currently reviewing the process for NQSWs and we will keep you informed on this website.

We are developing new standards for NQSWs in Scotland

New standards/expectations for NQSW are being developed and will set out what NQSW should meet within their first year in social work practice as registered social workers. 

This will be a minimum standard outlining the areas in which NQSW knowledge, skills, values and ethical practice can be consolidated and developed.  

There will also be standards/expectations for employers which promote conditions for effective continuing professional learning.

We will provide an update on the development of this work here on our website and we will also be engaging with stakeholders to finalise these. 

The standards/expectations will cover some key areas of professional social work learning and development. We have included learning resources across all the areas of the standards on this website.

If you are employed by an organisation who is part of our early implementation work for the NQSW Supported Year in Scotland you can find additional information and guidance here.