Self-awareness and reflexivity

NQSWs recognise the impact of the demands of professional social work practice on self and others and develop the use of reflexivity to contribute to personal wellbeing and effective and sustainable practice.

Self-awareness, reflection and reflexivity play an important role in social work practice. Social workers must be able to critically reflect on and take responsibility for their actions. At the NQSW stage, the worker should create and be provided with opportunities to practice these skills. The NQSW will demonstrate developing critical analysis and reflection skills, growing awareness and examining of their emotions, reactions and motives and the influence on their actions.

They will begin to consciously challenge themselves and others, developing professional curiosity, creativity and self-awareness of the internal and the external influences and challenges of practice.

Icon to represent self-awareness and reflexivity

You can download a reflective journal which draws together learning from the activities on this website.

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