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29 Oct 2021

NQSW Supported Year - Early implementation Update

NQSW Supported Year - Early implementation Update

We are beginning to progress in earnest with the Early implementation of the NQSW supported year. In the last month we have held orientation sessions with our early implementation partners. This took the form of two sessions. One of these sessions outlined the process and expectations of the early implementation year, as  well as the support to be offered  by the NQSW project team. Another of these sessions was provided by Dr Gillian Ferguson, who presented her recently published research on how social workers learn. This was very well received. Those who attended reflected on how to continue to best support the learning and development of NQSWs.

We have also held our first bi monthly meeting with those involved in the early implementation project. Whilst the SSSC require a report of progress bi monthly, these meetings provide a good opportunity to hear and share experiences. The main focus of our first meeting was considering what is required before each of the sites formally commence the early implementation year. Those  present advised they felt it was very beneficial to hear the issues that are arising in different areas. We are just at the start of the process and each of the areas are at different stages of preparation. The SSSC require every NQSW who is part of the supported year to be clearly identified and this is linked to their registration. This is one of the reasons why the early implementation sites have to consider what they require before formally commencing the supported year in their area. To assist with the  preparation and the ongoing implementation, the NQSW project team will meet with each of the 10 sites on a monthly basis. It is clear from our engagement with those involved that they are  motivated and enthused to be involved in this process. They also see the value and importance of a supported year for NQSWs.

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