21 Nov 2022

Support networks and self-care in rural areas

Support networks and self-care in rural areas

Starting work as a newly-qualified social worker (NQSW) is exciting: but it can be challenging, particularly if you are relocating to a rural or remote area. You may need to establish new social and professional networks while maintaining important links with your friends and family. Social work is a demanding job, so it’s important to have people and activities in your life which support your work-life balance and resilience. 

In this section, we offer some tools and resources to support NQSWs to consider ways to build and sustain their support networks.

My Support Network

The My Support Network document offers simple questions and pointers to support NQSWs to consider how to ensure that their professional and social links develop and remain strong.

The My Support Network template can help you identify who or what supports your resilience and wellbeing as an NQSW. You will see there are six support areas identified with some suggestions provided, so you can adapt the template to suit your own situation:  

Case studies

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Helpful resources

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Contact information

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