5 Jan 2021

Social work across diverse practice settings

Social work across diverse practice settings

Social work with children, young people and adults

Social workers work increasingly in diverse and multidisciplinary services and settings across the public, third and independent sectors. 

We will be including examples of NQSW journeys from third and independent sector here within the website, along with examples of professional learning can be supported in different settings and welcome any contributions from your experience.

Sometimes social work services are understood in terms of work with children and families, work with adults or work in justice settings. The reality of many social work roles is that they will be spanning the boundaries of these practice areas. We have included some information about the specific practice areas to help show the diversity of social work and the roles which might be undertaken in different settings. 

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Reflective questions

  • How would you describe your area of practice?
  • Do you work across different service areas or with different age groups?
  • What areas of practice interest you most? How does this influence your learning?
  • Why is it important to understand broader social work practice than just your own area?
  • How can you keep up to date with enough relevant information about different practice areas as you begin your career as a social worker?

Social work in diverse practice settings

Find out more about social work in different practice areas along with key links to relevant policy and legislation for your continuing professional learning.

Social work with children and families

Social work in justice settings

Social work with adults

Please note this is under development and suggested content information as this website evolves as part of our NQSW national project in 2021-22. Your feedback is welcome on additions and amendments to the information and resources included here.

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