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Resources for early implementation areas

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Training materials to support implementation of NQSW Supported Year

These materials are designed to offer an overview of the NQSW Supported Year and practical information required for the key groups: senior managers and others who need a briefing; NQSWs; and those who supervise NQSWs.

The materials have been developed as a guide to the key points: it is not necessary to always use them verbatim, and people supporting the learning of others can develop them to suit local conditions and needs.

Before using any of the training materials, it will be useful to read the short document, NQSW Supported Year – information for people delivering development and information sessions.

Briefing session

Development session for supervisors

Development session for Newly Qualified Social Workers

Engaging your organisation

Supporting engagement in your organisation

Identifying and preparing

Identifying and preparing NQSWs in your organisation

Putting the whole approach in place

Supporting NQSWs through their supported year