Newly Qualified Social Worker
Supported Year in Scotland

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Organisations that employ NQSWs have a central role in supporting learning and professional development in the supported year.


All NQSWs should have a consistent experience of support for their professional learning and development in the supported year.

Managers and Supervisors

Managers and supervisors have an essential role in supporting learning and professional development of NQSWs.

Information and resources for your role

Evolution of the website

This website is for NQSW, their employers, and supervisors in Scotland. It aims to support consistency for the NQSW first year of practice. We have included information, ideas, and learning resources to support you whatever your role.

We are developing this website in 2021-22 and welcome your feedback.

We will review all content during our national project. Please get in touch with us with any suggestions about how we can improve and enhance the website content for you.

Evolution of the website

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