Welcome to this dedicated website for the Newly Qualified Social Worker (NQSW) Supported Year in Scotland. This is designed for NQSWs and their employers to support consistency for the NQSWs’ first year of practice.

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Although some work is still in progress, we want to provide as much clear information as we can for NQSWs, their employers, supervisors and managers.

We also want to share some learning resources that may be helpful that we will continue to develop.

The information and learning resources have been informed by our work with employers, managers and social workers in different contexts.

We’ve also used the research and evidence generated through the Review of Social Work Education in Scotland to inform this work.

We will provide a broad range of information and resources on the website and you can find icons which are weaved through to help prompt reflective thinking, show useful ideas and share ideas from NQSWs in Scotland. We have included information, ideas and resources to support you whatever your role and we encourage you to explore the different sections.

How to use the website

If you are new to the website, we recommend that you start with reading the short overview of the national approach to the NQSW supported year in Scotland. You can then click the link on that page, or our home page, for specific details about the role of employers, NQSWs, managers and supervisors in the supported year. You can then source information and resources which are relevant for whatever your role is, or the stage of your journey as an NQSW.

We’ve included some prompts in the resources on our website to promote learning and link with ideas recommended by NQSWs and employers in Scotland.

We have included reflective questions throughout the website for NQSW. We have also included all the questions in a downloadable journal in case you would like to use it. You can easily adapt this to suit your own style and your Continuing Professional Learning (CPL) focus.

Head icon with gears to indicate rflective thinking

Reflective questions

When we show this icon, we have included some questions to trigger reflection on your learning. These will help you consolidate your knowledge, skills and values within the learning activities and information on the website. We have included these questions in a journal that you can download from our tools and templates page.


Useful ideas

When we show this icon, we have included ideas that might be important to think about or that have helped other NQSWs and employers. You can also let us know things that you think should be highlighted as useful ideas.

Network of social workers

Shared by NQSWs

When we show this icon, we are including suggestions, stories or links provided by other NQSWs in Scotland. We encourage NQSWs to let us know about their experiences that they would like to share with others.


Information and links

When we use this icon, we are including links to other learning activities and materials that may be helpful for NQSWs, employers, managers and supervisors.